doodlemancy's paint tool sai brushes


You might not want to buy this here, since the price is $666 now.

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...Wait what though, why??

On February 5th, the illustrator who worked on Gumroad's redesign last year came forward to let people know that Gumroad was planning an NFT project. Backlash ensued.

Then someone (likely the CEO) jumped on Gumroad's twitter account to fire back with a deeply unprofessional series of tweets. It's too much of a mess to recount entirely but the message was this: "We're NOT doing NFTs! ...Right now. We decided not to but also we really want to do them. But we're not. But we might! But we aren't! But maybe in the future."

Not only are they obviously still angling to do this, their response was appallingly unprofessional and stupid. Instead of clarifying or improving their stance, the CEO decided to throw a temper tantrum on twitter, because he has crypto brainworms and is piss-his-pants mad that the gumroad community is mostly creative people who fucking hate crypto and NFTs.

At one point he got so out of control that he misused the e-mail database for petty vengeance:

This tweet has been deleted now because it probably violated some CA laws and the GDPR. OOPSIE DOODLE.

So why are you still here?

I didn't delete my Gumroad account because several other sites/articles have my brushes linked. I'm disabled and the passive income from them really helps me! But I can't in good conscience continue to help Gumroad earn money. The middle road here was to spitefully raise the price of the item to something people wouldn't want to buy and redirect them toward my other storefront. I'll be shooting some emails out trying to get people to edit those links so I don't have to keep this up anymore but in the meantime: here I am!

If you pay the $666 you will still get the correct files.

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doodlemancy's paint tool sai brushes

I want this!